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More Photos: Selena Gomez at K-mart in New York City Today!

by admin on November 11, 2012

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Happy: Selena Gomez smiled during promotions at K-mart in White Plains, New York, another sign that 'it's not over' with Justin Bieber. In fact, there are 'tentative plans' to meet up ahead of his Brooklyn show on Monday

Forcing a smile: The young pop princess appeared relaxed as she chatted to fans during her appearance

Selena at K-mart in New York City today :)

Awwww . . . so cute :)

Animated: Selena was very lively with the group, and always gesturing and giggling

Happy shopper: Selena helps a young fan pick out an item from her clothing range at discount store K Mart

Friendly: Selena spent a lot of time chatting and getting to know some of the people attending the promotion

Picture time! Selena posed with one eager fan

Awww: Selena was feeling the love and gave her fan a big hug - will Justin get the same treatment when they meet up?

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