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William H. Macy on Closing Sundance and Hiring Selena Gomez!

by mega on December 14, 2013

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William H Macy

This is Macy’s feature film directorial debut and he says he’s now “hooked” and wants to direct again as soon as possible. He filmed “Rudderless” in Oklahoma City in 25 days, which coincided with his hiatus from the Showtime series “Shameless.” The film is about a grieving father’s downfall, and life-changing decision to form a rock band after he stumbles upon a box of original music by his deceased son. It explores both gun violence and music, and stars Billy Crudup, Selena Gomez, Anton Yelchin, Felicity Huffman and Macy.

How did you get Selena Gomez on board?

We asked her. It was perfect casting. That kid can act.
It seems like it will be a different side to her than we’ve seen before.
She’s the real deal. I was very impressed. She’s a very talented young woman. Selena’s in three scenes so she’s in and out very quickly. She showed up at Charlton’s [Pettus - the engineer and music co-writer] studio to record her song, and I said what do you think of it? She said, “I haven’t heard it yet.” I said, we didn’t sing you the song? And we didn’t. That woman listened to the song three times and then sang it beautifully.

Would the actors play as a band off set?

Yes [laughs] as a matter of fact I had to chastise them. They were staying up all night playing music! Anton came in one day, I said dude, I love that you’re doing that but could you get some sleep for these days? There were guitars on set all the time. I’m a ukelele player, and my wrap gift which I gave everyone, which we did early, was ukeleles.

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