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Miley Cyrus Throws Weird Cutout Of Selena Gomez While Performing “FU”

by mega on June 12, 2014

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Miley Cyrus holding a cardboard cutout of an almost naked chick with Selena Gomez’s face pasted on it while performing her song “FU” during a Bangerz Tour concert on Sunday (June 8) in Italy!

During the performance, Not only did Miley sing with the cutout that she grabbed from the audience, but she threw it back out to them after the song.

Selena is not at all happy about what Miley did, but she does think Miley will do just about anything to get attention. Because of this, Selena “doesn’t really have any respect” for the fellow Disney darling and even feels sorry for her for feeling the need to go to such extremes.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus performing with a Selena Gomez cut-out at her concert?

Checkout video below!

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Saleen7 June 13, 2014 at 8:07 am

Selena, do not respond it is not worth it. Just, my opinion I think she is still hurting from her breakup with Liam and it seems like she’s just lashing out at anyone she is piss at
one day she will be strong enough to get over him. But, right now she still miss him alot. I wish she would calm down in her shows like for example: Riding a giant penis etc; there are other and better ways to put on a good show and that’s not one of them.
Embassador Selena, just keep doing what you’re doing but please don’t go down that road and do that on stage. I hope one year you decide to tour with Justin Bieber. That would be so cool. You and Justin, would gain so much from that.
Take care
Much love!


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