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Nat Wolff Talks About Selena Gomez!

by mega on August 3, 2014

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“Selena and I had a ton of fun doing our scenes. She’s a really solid actress and good comedian. She deals with her fans and her fame really well. I’d never been around someone so famous before, and it’s hard. Everywhere she goes she has these crowds of people screaming at her, wanting to take her picture. A lot of those guys aren’t nice and she just deals with it really well. It would be easy for her to be a jerk but she’s not. I learned a lot watching her.”

“I grew up knowing of her, we had the same agent growing up and I had always heard what a wonderful person she was. I met her when I was like 13 or something. She’s just a really amazing actress and a great person. It was a total pleasure working with her. I was actually on Nickelodeon, she was on Disney, I think our shows were competing when we were younger.”

“We’ve been trying to find a good time to go into the studio together.” — Nat Wolff about working with Selena after her acoustic concert back in 2013 

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