Justin Bieber said: "I love her (Selena Gomez) till this day."

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are taking a little break from talking to each other, but it doesn’t mean they have cut off each other’s families. In fact, Selena is still in communication with Justin’s mom, Pattie Mallette!

“Selena isn’t talking to Justin but she is still in contact with his mom,” a source close to Selena told. While it’s sweet that Selena is keeping in contact with Justin’s family, they are actually hoping she is back in their lives in a bigger way!

“Justin’s mom loves Selena and really wants her and Justin to get back together because she thinks it would be the best thing for her son,” a source explained.

And when Justin stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood for Power 106 radio station on December 16, for promoting his new music on the Los Angeles hip-hip radio station, he confessed that he’s still in love with ex-girlfriend Selena and says she was his “All That Matters”.


'#allthatmattersmusicvideo' Cailin Russo kisses Justin Bieber in an Instagram photo from November 19, 2013.

‘#allthatmattersmusicvideo’ Cailin Russo kisses Justin Bieber in an Instagram photo from November 19, 2013.

Cailin Russo, the 19-year-old blond beauty who got hot and heavy who stars in Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters” video, opened up on locking lips with the superstar and claiming Gomez dissed her in an Instagram post after she saw Russo’s steamy on-camera embrace with her former flame.


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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may have be on the outs, but all hope isn’t lost. The on-off couple is talking again and could give their love another chance soon!

Justin Bieber has been relentlessly pursuing Selena Gomez, and she has broken down and let him back in!

Selena may have inspired Justin’s new song “Heartbreaker,” but it looks like his heart may soon be on the mend. A friend of Selena’s tells that she’s stopped freezing Justin out!

“Justin is going hard to get her back. They weren’t talking but he wore her down again and she’s taking his calls again. She wants to keep it strictly friends, but it’s a slippery slope on that because they have such intense chemistry, she’s just built up walls to protect herself,” our source reveals.

“Justin has major game, he’s good at saying all the right things,” our source continues. “And he’s looking hot! I’d say there’s a good chance they’ll go for another round. Of course, all her friends are hoping she’ll stay strong and keep him in the friend zone.”

“Justin really wants Selena back for one reason, and that is to sleep with her again,” another source revealed and he may get that chance, because even though Selena hasn’t exactly agreed to let him ‘Come And Get It,’ we know she has a soft spot for Justin and we know he’s on a serious campaign to get her back.

A few months ago, Justin actually sent Selena a demo of “Heartbreaker,” and then on October 8 he uploaded a sexy video to Instagram in which he sings his hit song, “Heartbreaker.”

He sang the lyrics,“You say that you don’t wanna talk but it’s cool, been thinkin’ about you all day long, hopin you’ll pick up your phone. And I know that I don’t wanna lose your love.”

His persistence has paid off, and Selena is picking up her phone — getting him one step closer to his goal!

We’re pretty sure he’s not going to stop now and considering that even Selena has admitted that she will always love Justin, it seems pretty likely that Jelena will be back again soon!

What do you think about it, Guys? Should Selena give in and give Justin one more chance?


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I find this video from youtube and this video make me cry :(

Awwww… I miss them so much :(

They are so perfect couple in the worlds…. I wish they will back together :)

What do you think about this video, Guys? Do you miss them too?


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