Come & Get It

Selena Gomez is nominated for the YouTube Music Awards with her hit single “Come & Get It”.  All we have to do to help her win is to share this video above on Twitter, Facebook or Google +. Let’s make Selena proud and vote, Guys!

Selena performing Come And Get It on ITV’s This Morning 

Selena Gomez sent a video message to her fans to thank them for helping her get her latest single “Come & Get It” to the number one spot on the U.S. Top 40!

“This has been 1 of my proudest achievements & I couldn’t do it without everyone! So grateful,” Selena tweeted.

Selena said: ”I’m completely speechless… This has been one of my proudest achievements and I couldn’t do it without everyone!! So grateful. I love you guys! Let’s celebrate!!” 

Congrats Selena :) Proud you!!!!!

SoMo covers “Come & Get It” 

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