Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence

High-profile celebrities have joined the argument about gun control that is raging in the United States following the tragic shooting spree at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. In a Public Service Announcement (PSA), a number of celebrities have stated their support for stricter legislation governing the availability, sale and use of guns, specifically assault weapons, high-powered rifles, high-capacity magazines and similarly lethal weapons.

One week after a gunman targeted Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, a host of famous faces have come together for Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence, an online campaign spearheaded by Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

In the following video, celebrities like Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Aniston, and Chris Rock call out the names of the massacres that have rocked our nation and ask that we — as parents, husbands, wives, friends, Americans — take action to prevent future tragedies.

Click below for watch video:

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