Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted attending the Hillsong Church in Los Angeles on Sunday (September 21).

The two lovebirds were in the first row of the church, just before the main stage, and were very cozy with each other throughout the entire ceremony.

A few “Beliebers” in the church crowd served as paparazzi as upon spotting Jelena they began taking pictures of them and uploading them on Twitter.

One of the snapshots see Selena resting her head on Justin’s right shoulder. They are in love again, Praise the Lord!

Besides the plenty photographs in the post, watch a fan-recorded video of Justin and Selena at Hillsong Church carefully hearing the church’s pastor.

7 more photos & 1 video!


@alexiscbenavidez: Celfíe with Selena


@molldoll43: 4 years ago I met my best friend @selenagomez


@aaallexxxiis: She said “we can take a selfie” lol


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