The original pictures of Selena Gomez meeting 10-year-old Bailey Gutelius, a little girl with cystic fibrosis, before her show in Philadelphia (October 18)

— Bailey Gutelius’,a little girl with cystic fibrosis, mother on hearing that Selena heard about her “Help Bailey Meet Selena Gomez This Friday Night” project

“What else good happened…well, did you hear we met Selena Gomez? What a silver lining that was. The power of social media! After Bailey’s first week in the hospital, I traded with Kevin and went home for the weekend to be with Taylor. Driving back to CHOP on Sunday night, I was thinking of our upcoming Selena concert that Friday. My in-laws gifted the girls tickets to Selena’s concert as their birthday gift and we were so thankful CHOP grants one-time passes during hospitalizations if you’re healthy enough. Bailey would be allowed out for the concert. I was thinking wouldn’t it be neat if Bailey got to meet her. I envisioned her going back to school not as the “sick kid” but as the girl who met Selena Gomez. Cool. I called my father-in-law, knowing that they know someone that works at CHOP. That was a dead end. But I went to sleep thinking about how things can go viral quickly on the internet…it was a long shot. I didn’t even have a Twitter account. The next day, I wrote on facebook how I thought it’d be so neat to meet Selena. A friend (shout out – Grace!) suggested I write to Fox29 and another friend (shout out- Lil!) made a facebook page “Help Bailey Meet Selena Gomez This Friday Night”. I started a Twitter account and tagged Selena asking if Bailey could meet her. Within an hour or so, Fox29 emailed me and people were sharing my tweet, sharing the facebook page…very quickly this was becoming something. Fox29 came to the hospital to interview me, and they shared pictures and a video of the girls. What was happening?! >>Continue>>

New/old fan pic from Jingle Ball in Chicago (credit)

New/old pictures of Selena Gomez with a fan at Jingle Ball in Chicago

@MakeAWishSWO: Devin, age 13, was all smiles on wish day when he met his idol @selenagomez thanks to @MakeAWishSWO!

@MakeAWishSWO: Devin, age 13, was all smiles on wish day when he met his idol @selenagomez thanks to @MakeAWishSWO!

Selena Gomez fan Georgie (the girl whos video Selena saw) reacts to watching Selena cry