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Kat-Deluna and selena-gomez

Kat DeLuna talking to Latina Magazine about her friendship with Selena and Francia Raisa:

“I love people that look at life different and love to live, and these girls are just like that. We have a lot in common it’s funny. I swear we did not plan it [Laughs], it just happened. We’re [all] Latinas in this world and our stories are very similar. We all have like old school values. We believe hardcore in what we do and we do it from the heart. They’re very, very beautiful girls, very honest girls. I love that about them! Both of them are amazing. Selena and Francia son muchachas (are girls) who want the best out of life and live life, but at the same time, life is beautiful and it’s not about the crazy stuff. It’s about loving yourself, loving life, and I love that about them. They’re beautiful girls. I do have to say that. I’m not saying it just to say it. It’s true. And we get along really well! When we get together it’s literally having fun and talking about life, just life. I love them and they’re really wonderful girls. I have a few people that I keep close and they are one of those girls. I call them for everything…literally what we do is cook, have fun, dance and you know have fun in life.”

Kat DeLuna when Latina Magazine asked her if she would ever collaborate on a song with Selena:

“We never ever talk about music or anything and I do think that she’s so talented and you can never speak for the future. The future comes and it happens. I love the girls. Also, Francia too, on the low she sings a little. I know one thing, when were together we’ll just sing and do karaoke, so you know I guess that happens [Laughs].”