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“I know Selena very personally. She is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She does not go into confrontation. I guarantee she ignored this [Miley Cyrus diss]. Someone may have told her, she may have seen it. I guarantee you she didn’t say anything about it. How many really good friends that you have that someone else says, ‘Hey, I met your really good friend Jim’. You’re like, ‘Jim…he’s not in my circle’. If anything thing anyone in Selena’s circle is not going to Hollywood Life to say anything. I would put money on that right now.”

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Miley Cyrus holding a cardboard cutout of an almost naked chick with Selena Gomez’s face pasted on it while performing her song “FU” during a Bangerz Tour concert on Sunday (June 8) in Italy!

During the performance, Not only did Miley sing with the cutout that she grabbed from the audience, but she threw it back out to them after the song.

Selena is not at all happy about what Miley did, but she does think Miley will do just about anything to get attention. Because of this, Selena “doesn’t really have any respect” for the fellow Disney darling and even feels sorry for her for feeling the need to go to such extremes.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus performing with a Selena Gomez cut-out at her concert?

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Miley Cyrus Tweets Selena!

by mega on December 14, 2013

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Miley Cyrus tweets Selena!

Miley Cyrus tweets Selena!


miley tweet to selena,