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Selena Gomez says she’s never done the nasty with Orlando Bloom … and she has absolutely zero to do with his raging battle against her ex-BF Justin Bieber.

Sources directly connected to Selena tell us … the reason she was with Orlando back in March is because their manager organized an event for his clients at We Day in Oakland.

As for the widely-circulated photo of Orlando and Selena at a Chelsea Handler show in L.A. a few weeks later … it was nothing more than a smoke break. They were actually with their respective groups of friends and happened to be next to each other when the picture was snapped.

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Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were spotted together as they attended Chelsea Handler’s Uganda Be Kidding Me Live Show on Saturday night (April 26) in Los Angeles.

She shied away from the cameras when they spotted the two together.

but not to worry because a sources tells is nothing romantic going on between them!

Source from E! News:

“They are not dating,” says a source, who points out Selena and Orlando “were there with a bunch of people.”

and a source tells ” Selena is not interested in [Orlando]” as anything more than a friend.

the first time Selena and Orlando ever met was at a We Day California event last month, where they both came out to support young people volunteering their time and efforts to make a difference.

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Hilarity for Charity: The philanthropists!! Such an amazing event at #WeDay #HFC #EndAlz @selenagomez @Sethrogen