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Ever since Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber reunited in Texas last week, fans have been desperately wondering: Are they or aren’t they?

Well, on Monday (March 10), just hours after videos from his heated deposition surfaced online, Justin Bieber all but confirmed that they were, in fact, more than friends.

Justin posting two videos on his Instagram of him and selena rehearsing a rather erotic dance in front of wall of mirrors, as John Legend’s “Ordinary People” served as the soundtrack to their waltz.

But after posting the videos, Bieber promptly deleted the videos from his Instagram!

And that same weekend, Justin dedicated a song to “my baby” Selena at the Scooter Braun Projects Sunday Funday Showcase during the 2014 SXSW Festival in Austin.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about their dance videos, Guys?

Are they totally back together?

Watch video below: 16 more photos & 2 more videos!

Screenshots from Selena’s short film with Flaunt Magazine

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