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@selenagomez: “hey this wasn’t rated R… Lol so sweet to whoever this is! Hope y’all liked it :))”

“So excited!!!! I have been waiting months to share the news..
I have partnered with Adidas to create my own line with the NEO label and this is what we have been up to. I hope you like it! And make sure to watch closely.
Answer the question correctly and you could win a chance to meet me.

Click here for Answer The Question:  http://a.did.as/WgliVq”

@Maria_CB: We’re back! “Wizards” table-read this morning. So excited!!!

@selenagomez: Another flipbook video for you guys, thanks so much to everyone who sent in photos.


is the getaway movie with selena gomez rated R?, is the getaway with selena gomez rated r?, lol this is so sweet online, rated r pictures in twitter,