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Remember when Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez went out to dinner the night before the 2012

American Music Awards? Well, a source has come forward to reveal that Taylor told Selena to give Justin Bieber another chance! Here’s what the source spilled, via Radar Online:

“When Selena hung out with Taylor she was really stressed out and frazzled about everything with Justin. But Taylor reminded her how crazy Justin is over her and to just try to stay above the fray. The problem between them stemmed from Justin texting other girls. So Selena is embarrassed by what he did because it makes her look stupid, that he would talk to these other girls, and she is also embarrassed that everyone is so invested in their relationship now because of his actions.”

It looks like Selena has decided to give Justin another chance though, and the two have been spotted out a bunch of times since Selena and Taylor’s dinner date!


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